"Remember Ultimate Pime!" - The message given to me in a dream

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

The "ULTIMATE PIME" - This phrase was Said to me in a dream in early 2015.

I never forgot that dream with its ending scene in which: I (- "the observer") saw "Myself" (-"the speaker") from distance (it's like I am standing here, but I also see Myself as a separate person standing over there few metres away). And She -"the speaker" said to me -"the observer": "Remember Ultimate Pime!" repeatedly.

I-"the observer" in the dream wasn't sure what the word was, as it sounds like an English word but I never heard it before (my first language is not English, a lot of words that I do not know). Seemed like She -"the speaker" knew that I wasn't sure about the word Pime, so She PRONOUNCED it for me, clearly: "P-I-M-E - Pime" and repeated the message again: "Remember Ultimate Pime!"

I woke up and remember vividly the sound and the words were said by "Myself".

I asked John - my English husband, but he never heard the word Pime either, I looked it up and only found it in one online dictionary and it just felt right to me:


1) The experience one desires to achieve by escaping the clutches of artificial bureaucratic society in search of a genuine mindset of freedom. 

2) A feeling of unity, connectedness and rightness. 

3) An original energy source."

I was stunned by the meanings of the word, as they are surely what I had been really paying attention and looking for in life...

For me it is unusual if I don't remember my dreams at all when I wake up after sleep. In the recent years, I have been paying more attentions in remembering and understanding the messages of dreams. By observing my dreams and what happening in my waking life, I find  dreaming is a parallel world with the waking life. The events, circumstances and emotions in both worlds try to express the same messages at a particular time being. Normally we see or we are told that those emotions and events in the dreams happen after something similar already happened in waking life and we explain about that simply because the brain registered the memories and probably thinks about the things that happened during sleep. But quite often I saw things happened in the dreams first, before something similar happens in waking life. It is not special psychic ability, if we all pay attention in observing the dreams and our own lives, we all can see that phenomenon by ourselves. Anyway, the topic about Dreaming I would passionately write about an other day soon...

This is just the story about the first time I learnt about the phrase: "Ultimate Pime". It would had been just an interesting dream if it didn't come to real Life realisation two years afterward...

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