Lesson2. 6th sense is real, if you pay attention and appreciate it!.

1st story. How I met my husband.

I had mentioned before that I lost interest in looking for and having a boyfriend as the relationships I had all ended up in bitterness, distrust and disappointment.

I actually even announced my parents that I didn’t intend to get married in reply to them when they tried to convince me not to go abroad, as regarding my age they thought I’d better off settling down with a fixed career, a marriage and then children. But honestly, all those things which my parents (and so many other people) considered a stable life sounded to me at that time as an imprisoned and torturing life since I had been bearing so much negativity and loneliness all years long.

That was my starting point with regarding relationships and marriage when I first arrived in England. I had no expectation whatsoever if that would change!

After one month living in a share accommodation in London with other Vietnamese students, I decided to look for somewhere else to rent. My clear plan was to share with English people, because I felt frustrated when I couldn’t be able to understand and communicate much in English, and apart from going to classes or going to supermarkets, all I spoke at home was Vietnamese. That wasn’t helpful! I only had year and a half in this country and I didn’t want to have no improvement at all at the end.

I had a few viewings for different prospect accommodations after looking hard. The first few places which I went to view, I din’t really like any of them, either the rent was too high for what it was, or the “feel” about the place wasn’t as nice as it appeared on the internet advert.

The last one, the landlord seemed very nice and kind! He took me around the house to see: the back garden, the bedroom, bathroom, … all good! And then at last he led the way to show me the common kitchen-lounge area. It was a separate room with its own door, not an open plan one. I followed the landlord whilst trying hard to understand what he was saying about: what appliances were available to be used and shared, how people divided the 3 fridges into sections, etc… As I was entering the common room through the door - Before I was fully acknowledged that there was someone standing at the far end of the room facing the large window overlooking the garden (so we would only see his back) - Before I fully saw the actual appearance of that person - Before the landlord told me that the guy would be my flatmate if I was sharing that place; A Thought Flashed in my mind in less than split a second - Before all of the above actually happened: “Is That My Husband?!”


I went out quite often with my international flatmates after couple of weeks since I moved in, one of them at a time as they didn’t really hang out all together. I enjoyed talking to them to improve my language skills and expand my understanding of the different cultures. I liked going out with the guy I saw on the viewing day as he shown me some lovely villages and the English countryside. He was a nice guy and seemed to have a gentle nature. Sometimes some vague thoughts came across my mind if I liked him more than just a friend/ a flatmate, but soon enough I reminded myself that there was no way a relationship would have a chance to enter my life at that time, because I only had over a year left in this country. I was always like that: suppressing things that I thought there would be no future for them.

One day, John (the flatmate guy) and I went to a local Plants and Animals Nursery to buy some plants to put in our share garden. We walked around and watch the animals a bit, just for fun. We stopped by a big cage, in which stood an Owl on a branch. It looked just as an old wise Owl as you know in the Children Fairy tales. I liked its calm posture with very sharp and clear eyes, like an Old Wise Man. Suddenly the Owl jumped toward us and stood on a closer branch. He looked at me, then looked at my flatmate John, and in a respectful manner - it nodded, nodded, nodded… constantly. We both stood there in silence and thought (we later on talked about that event, and both confirmed): it was a sign of approval for our companionship. At that time we already had some feelings for each other but both were not sure and waiting for a sign to confirm that. And for me, it was even more special, it was like an answer given clearly by the Universe in reply to the question that came up in my mind the day I first saw John.


2nd story. How I found out one of my close flatmate’s date of birth.

Cindy was my most favourite flatmate. She is the kindest person I ever met, very quiet and secretive but connects deeply with everyone and everything.

I loved her dearly and wanted to know her date of birth as I found a lovely birthday gift in the Art & Craft Market which I thought would be perfect for her.

I asked her about her date of birth so many times! But she wanted to keep it secret, she didn’t want anyone to know and make it special in anyway. The more she was secretive, the more curious I became.

I don’t know why I was so curious and kept asking her everyday and tried in many ways to get the information but had no success.

One night, I had a vivid dream in which Cindy and I went for a walk in a back garden of an old palace. There, I found a big stone, and I was delighted (in the dream) that her date of birth was clearly written on it. But… I only remembered the year and month when I woke up. I tried very hard but cannot recall the date.

I asked Cindy if the year and month that I remembered from the dream were at all correct. She said “Yes” with surprise in her eyes. I admitted that I remembered the year and month, but I couldn’t remember the date, and I begged her to tell me. She still refused to reveal the date, but being intrigued, she gave me 3 chances to guess. That was: 3 out of 31 options of the dates in July!. Not too difficult I supposed, but not easy either, I had only nearly 10% of success! Didn’t sound so promising but I agreed to enter that game.

2 times - I was wrong!.

Only one last chance left. If I couldn’t get the right answer, I’d just give her the gift on the first day of July, and that’d be good enough anyway!

I forgot to say that I started to practise some meditation after meeting the Monk in the Monastery in Vietnam and spending some time looking into Buddhism. Sometimes I tried to meditate twice a week, sometimes once a month… Irregularly! but at least I did try!

So that day, after 2 wrong guess, I decided to just leave it and would not rush to use up my last chance. That late afternoon, I sat down for probably 20’ meditation just because I had a day off from Uni and had nothing todo. Meditation at that time was more like a relaxation session, in which I tried not to think about anything whilst sitting still. When I finished, my mind was clearer and calmer than my usual monkey mind jumping around constantly. I was about to release the crossed legged posture as I finished, of a sudden, a flash of thought - in fact not a thought! - a flash of Knowingness - came to my mind: 12/07.

I went to knock at Cindy’s door without expecting anything (as my mind was quite clear after meditation so I was not as excited and curious as usual!), I said: “Your Birthday is 12/07, right?”.

“How do you know?!” Cindy said.

I couldn’t believe it was correct!!

How did I know? I didn’t know How!! I just Knew it!

So Strange!! Scary!! Magical!! Miraculous!!

How did I do it? How did the information entered my awareness in the meditation and dreams?

I didn’t know the How! But I just Knew!!

And I knew it wasn’t anything special! It happened naturally just as you knew how to breathe straight away when you were born!

I never experienced - or in fact, I didn’t notice or remember or trust in - anything like that before, (except the strange encounter with the Monk which I called miracle). But with an open mind, I started knowing, sensing, and trusting in “real miracles” by and through the so-called “6th sense”. There are many more stories to tell if you’re interested… But I do not use these miracles to feed the Ego’s needs for approval of special psychic power or magic. For me, they are the inner guidance - beauty and grace!

“Real miracles” happen to everyone of us in all kinds of ways to give us hints, guidance, answers and directions in Life, especially when we ask questions and call for answers! But we just normally don’t believe in miracles or 6th sense or anything like that, and we so often simply ignored, dismissed, distrust, and put them down before we even give them a chance to open up to us a whole new horizons!.

Keep your mind open to all possibilities! You would be able to see the signs and find the hidden answers for whatever questions or directions you have asked in your Life!. Once you see them, Trust in them, Appreciate them and Act upon them as they are real hidden keys to open the door to new opportunities, understandings and visions of Life, and of your Future.

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