(Dream Journal) - Meditate in front of a tranquil lake and snow mountains

I kept dreaming about seeing snow mountains almost every night for nearly two weeks.

- In one particular dream, I was in complete silence, a field of stillness, until a warm and familiar voice arose, whispering to my ear: Tell me what you see.

Then I became aware of that moment in the dream, I saw a still lake, pine trees, snow mountains, and stars passing by on the clear sky as if day after day...

I was meditating in the dream before the moment the voice arose, I became aware of the scene without thinking or words...-

I keep wondering about that dream. A peaceful and tranquil feeling.

I found a place in waking like that felt just like what I saw in that dream. Probably coming here to experience the scene of the dream makes me realise that Dreams are as real as this so-called "real world", but also, waking life is as transient and imaginal as dreaming. The moment you become aware of what is there around you, is also the moment it all becomes just your memories and imagination of what you have seen.

The only thing that does not come and go at any given moment, is the Essence - the Unchanging Observer. Observe with Gratitude and Love, for everything only exists at that very moment when you observe them, before you even realise, they've already become part of your past experience, memories and imagination.

With this nature, "real world" and dreams are both the same products of observation and interpretation. We have imagined and experienced them both!!

No point to attach to anything either, for they no longer exist the moment you sow the seed of your attachments to them.

If you knew it was true that everything you observe is your own imagination and interpretation, and that you can imagine and experience anything you want in life, what would you choose to imagine?

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