Patterns of the Universe and Human Archetypes

Once we become more mindful and more able to deliberately step out of the automatic reactions (or in fact our conditionings - our belief, behaviours & thoughts patterns that we have developed by being trained and accustomed to since we were born up till now) towards what happened in our lives, we become more detached from the Ego's control and naturally become more aligned with who we really are.


Examples of signs that we become more mindful:


- When we are criticised by someone, we recognise the emotions (such as annoyance, anger, upset, sadness, resentfulness, etc) are arising into being in us (usually they come with physical signs such as faster heart beats, heat coming up on our faces, stomach/ chest tensions...) and also an urge or compulsion to react at that moment. But as we recognise what is going on in ourselves, we immediately and deliberately disengage and withdraw ourselves from the process of developing compulsive reactions (such as: snap back, shout, fight, make mental arguments or mental blame, or even mental ill wills such as: swear for that person to disappear, to be punished, or even go to die, etc…), so they do not continue to develop into more thoughts or actual actions.


- When we criticise others, we realise that we are-doing-it at that very moment when the judgmental and intolerant thoughts/ words/ actions are arising. Instead of flowing with the criticism process and getting lost in thoughts such as: that's horrible, ridiculous, disgusting, crazy,… I don’t like that, I hate that, why that person do this or that, etc; - We deliberately choose to stop and put all that to an end as soon as we realise what we are doing. And instead, ask ourselves: Why did we just criticise others? What were our actual feelings and motivations deep down? Why we had such feelings? etc... 


Ask questions and one day you’d be surprised as you’ve always had all the answers! Once the answers come to awareness, we will be able to realise that the ways we react or wanted to react are rooted from our-own-unease-issues instead of the outside events or people relating to the events themselves. The answers coming from self-enquiries process would help us to see through the Ego by understanding our own fears, pains, desires, jealousy, insecurity, conditioned thoughts and behaviours.


Only when we are detached enough from the Ego's control, we would be able to start living the Life that we meant to live, and start aligning all aspects of our lives with our Ultimate Life Purpose that we might have had a glimpse but not quite yet fully and thoroughly understood or took courages and determinations to pursue.


*** This section meant to assist you to look into the Patterns of the Universe and Human Archetypes which would be very helpful for those who are ready to directly look at your own deepest and ultimate Life Purpose. 


If you do not quite get there after diving into these topics, do not give up! Pay more attentions on recognising and eliminating (as much as possible) the Ego's control. Read more resources about Ego to know it better, make it more transparent to your attention! Be more serious and committed to start daily meditation and mindfulness practice in every moment in daily life rather than once every few days, weeks or months. From time to time, come back to this article, at some point, at the right time, you will find what you're ready to find!.***


I. Patterns of the Universe


First of all, let’s look at these pictures of different living beings in the natural world in our (observed) Universe! I call them living beings because they are all in fact growing, evolving, or animated organisms even at very slow pace or not even obvious to our human mind’s observations. 

Would any of us Not At All recognise any of the patterns that repeat themselves countlessly in Nature through out the whole Universe, from the tinier than microcosm to grander than macrocosm?!


Mathematics and all subjects of Sciences were in fact discovered from the Natural world of existence and forces, they are not Human inventions!. Take the Golden Ratio as an example!. (Much more other interesting examples are worth to look in to from all kind of resources if you’re interested!)

The more we observe, the more we would be amazed by these patterns and how they express themselves in the most incredibly creative and unimaginable ways, - everywhere around us -, and more amazingly! - Including Us!-.


The scientific discoveries and acceptance upon the laws and behaviours of physical matters have been extended to Energy and Quantum levels for over a century. There are much more than what we can normally perceive through our five physical senses, do you agree?! 


Take our Thoughts for instance. Where did thoughts come from before they appear in our minds? Can thoughts be seen, weighed, touched, tasted, heard by our physical senses? No. But we all have to agree that they do exist, don’t we? even without physical forms (here I mean when they are in thought forms and haven’t yet transformed into physical experiences and expressions).

But where exactly are the thoughts located? In the brain neurones? If so, you would be able to read all thoughts that a person ever had in his life just by transplant his brain neurones and cells into an other person or a machine that can read or decode the information. But that is not the case. 


A scientific based person would want to explain thoughts as electro-chemical reactions occurred in the brains. But that does not explain what makes a thought of a person different from a robot’s and from all other people’s as each person has different thoughts even towards same sorts of events. The reason is that: Thoughts are not mere electric currents and chemical reactions occur without any causes and purpose, they are in fact arose or manifested from the individuals’ deep down desires, beliefs, previous patterns (or in other words: conditionings or karma), and intentions! and often shadowed by the Ego!


Thoughts are impulses passing through the Mind and transform or manifest themselves into physical existence, sooner or later! 

A simple proof for that: when you think about something that annoyed you and made you angry when the actual events already passed, those thoughts themselves lead to physical discomfort, such as faster heart beats, heavy breath, heat on the faces, sweat at the palms, etc, and you might even swear or physically act out of anger just by thinking those Thoughts even though the event itself no longer exist in reality at that very moment. These are only just the obvious physical manifestations of thoughts that we can easily observe. At the energy and spiritual level, Thoughts in fact bring about your realities that you are experiencing. We might go in to more details regarding this matter on an other occasion.


What I have been trying to flagship here is that: Everything, including Us - modern Human, in the (observed) Universe is in fact follow Universal Patterns through out its existence. We - human can only see some of those patterns which are observable by our physical senses, but there are patterns that also in operate which we just cannot see by our five senses.


So, what can this finding be helpful for in relations with finding our Life purpose?


Look again at a picture of a galaxy, and Solar system and then an atom structure. Imagine if an electron of an atom was something similar to Planet Earth, rotating around that Atom Nucleus which was a Sun, and imagine there were tiny mini creatures living in that planet which was in fact one of the electrons of a tiny atom… And now You put your face right there, try to look at these mini creatures, and imagine they are also looking at you…


  • I’m sure you can see nothing, as we so far have no technology to see things at that tiny scale. But can you imagine how would you look like to them - the mini creatures living on that electron planet? 

  • The Cosmos! A sparkling starring night sky in their night time, or a blue sky in their day time (if not much cloud I supposed)!!! They don't even know you exist even if they looked right on your face, they cannot see your human form or any hint of your appearances.


We are in fact those mini creatures in the actual scale of the Cosmos! We are tiny parts inside the patterns of something much larger as a whole even if we believe it or not. We are formed and evolving as parts of the movements or animations of larger patterns that express themselves through out the Cosmos. We so far can have just a glimpse of these patterns thanks to the dedications of scientists, technologies, and philosophers over millenniums. 


What is helpful for us here is that, we are in fact tiny parts of a larger order/ arrangements/ patterns through out the known Universe, and this is how astrology, numerology, palmistry, dermatoglyphics, etc, indeed work. By looking at the patterns that are repeated throughout the Universe and human history over space and time, you can actually have some ideas about the patterns or tendencies that your destiny is meant to be part of!.


So read your personalised astrology reports (or likewise) from trusted sources, you would be surprised how closely yourself are described. In those materials, you might find statements that point you towards your hidden talents/ paths in life and ultimate Life Purpose. Read them and use them as extra tools!


But, astrology, numerology, palmistry, dermatoglyphics, etc, are based on observations, experiences and science, they can only give you a general description of what likely/ tend to be or should be according to history studies. Even in so-called “personalised” reports, they are not able to take all of the individuals’  history, memories, family backgrounds, social belief and environment, educations, or details of all events that happened in life that created that person’s belief and conditionings, etc, in to account, so they are not and can not be your Life’s strict guidances or transcriptions. Treat them lightly as suggestions and references, do not entirely rely on them!


There is an other tool which is not commonly known but is in fact a reliable tool to help us look deep into ourselves and find out for our ourselves our Ultimate Life Purpose. That tool is: to understand the Human Archetypes which most strongly resonate within you.


II. Human Archetypes

In nature, we see by our own eyes that from a chicken egg borns a chicken, a duck egg borns a duck (even if the duck egg is incubated and then raised by chickens), or a tomato seed sprouts into a tomato plant and will bear tomatoes fruits, not chillis or beans… How did an egg, or a seed know what exactly it needed to become instead of becoming something else by mistakes?. Because within themselves they have already been encoded the patterns for expressions of what they will result in, supposed their basic necessary conditions are met (such as suitable temperature, food, soil, water, light, …).


Human in the same way, as fetals, we contain within ourselves the imprints of the patterns that result in human forms and life tendencies that we would be growing into. You can in fact learn about those tendencies based on nowadays technologies and methodologies using astrology, numerology, palmistry, dermatoglyphics, etc. But what makes us human different from mere biological animals or plants is that we have hidden impulses (or deepest desires/ intentions) that influence our feelings, thoughts, preferences since very young, and also later on in life, we have personal responsibilities and abilities to act upon and make decisions for every single event in our day to day lives (even if we know that and do that, or not). 


In the hope for a better, happier life, we all want to find our Supposed-to-be and Right directions that we should take in life, by finding out our gifts and pitfalls, and more importantly our Right careers, partners, educations, hobbies, etc. Many of us are drawn into reading astrology reports or analysis of our own DNA or dermatoglyphics tests in search of the Right directions. But despite all the correct little facts that the astrology/ numerology/ dermatoglyphics reports say about us, we still could not work out why we feel, act and make decisions in certain ways towards events in life, and that our lives so often seem to be led or dictated by outside factors that knock us off the Right tracks, push us further away from the Destinies that we - according to those reports- should have.


To really understand our own actions, feelings, and decisions that we make or tend to make, we need to understand our own selves, our hidden impulses - our deepest desires, fears, ideals, intentions, and also where we are in the personal evolution path. We cannot find them in mechanical based methodologies (as they would only give us the guidances from what humanity has been so far observed and studied based on accumulation and interpretation of samples and examples), but psycho-spiritual approach can shed light to us

(*Psycho-spiritual means: integration of spirituality and psychology, instead of mere scientific psychology or mere spiritual/ religious belief).


In each of us, we contain within our selves, along with biological imprints, the engraved patterns or embryos of different Human Archetypes within our psyche. Archetypes are forces/ mythic characters/ life models/ motifs that exist at the level of the Soul, and are enacted by individuals, we are the physical expressions of archetypes! In fact we human are born out of these natural forces. Each of us is attuned with some archetypes more strongly than the others.


We inherently do not need to struggle at all to become what we meant to be, it should be a joyful process as natural forces expressing themselves into what they meant to be, just as the seeds sprout and release their inherited patterns into certain types of plants without any struggle as long as they have enough of the necessary conditions. We too also just need our basic physical and spiritual needs to be met, and so we should be right on track of becoming what we meant to be. 


But the fact is that not many of us completely happy and at peace with how we are and what we are, and that’s the sign of we are not (yet) what we meant to be at this moment, keep yearning to find the way to becoming something else which we don’t really even know. 


The unhappiness in life comes from the common issue in which what we Want to be is not in alignment with what we Meant to be. How painful would it be for a tomato seed, when sprouting into a tomato plant it keeps wanting to be a rose plant and hoping to bloom out roses. Supposed it was able to change its position, types of food, jobs, appearances, etc, as human does, it would be able to convince itself that it looks and feels more like a rose plant. But surely it cannot bloom in rose flowers, and so it would result in unhappiness and self-doubt.


There are two main reasons for this human condition of dissatisfaction in life: either because our basic needs are not being met, like a plant cannot grow without sunlight or water; or the distractions of the human world, endless thoughts, and social influences, in fact altered the inherited expressions of who we really are, and made us become confused and keep wanting to be whatever-else that we think is better than what-is at present!


- Let’s quickly look at the first reason. What are our basic needs that should be met for any of us, so that our seeds would be able to sprout?! 

The diagram below represents Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory. According to this theory: “Needs lower down in the hierarchy must be satisfied before individuals can attend to needs higher up”. 

In deed it is necessary for every human being’s Basic needs to be met to be able to survive and function. These are the two categories in the bottom of the pyramid, they are our physical needs: food, water, shelter, sleep, health, family, social stability (safety and security is ultimately also physical needs as regarding our physical body is not to be hurt/ harmed and our life, our home is not threaten). 


Above these two bottom Basic needs categories, the next level of needs is Psychological needs, including: Love and belonging needs (such as friendship, family, intimacy), or Esteem (confidence and achievement). In fact these needs can only be met when-and-only-when we ourselves psychologically-Feel-satisfied. That interestingly means we have the choices to be satisfied or not! If you feel that you’re not fulfilled and being stuck in this part of the pyramid (once the Basic needs are met), look back on the Ego’s topics, work on it, start meditation and mindfulness practices, you would be able to find the place of fulfilment of these needs which only exist in your mental and psychological expectations


In our modern world, there sadly are still people who have not yet been able to fulfil their Basic needs, who are in hunger, homelessness, who have no clean water, no medication/ medical treatments for illnesses, who loose families/ homeland in wars or disasters… 


But, We - the ones who have these basic needs fulfilled, still quite often think that we have not - we keep acquiring more and more than our actual needs, we are lured into dissatisfaction by our own greeds and endless desires, trying hard to get more and more on top of the basic needs in hoping that would bring us more happiness and fulfilment, and do not understand why we keep feeling unsatisfied and unhappy.


- The Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory can show us more clearly where we are at the progress to Self Fulfilment, and a chance to re-assess if our basic needs have been met or if we are just stuck in gathering and accumulating more than necessity. 


What happen when we reach to the top of the Hierarchy of needs and feel good in life as we at that point seem to have it all: nice house to live, lovely family/ children/ friends, enough money for anything we need, confidence about what we have in life, respects from other people, good health care services, chances to enjoy arts and creativity, etc… Most of us would carry on living generally quite happily with that life, until something bad happens that take away our happiness, often as loosing one of those above factors that your happiness is built on, such as loosing our house, loosing loved ones, etc, or we get illnesses, and eventually prepare to Die.


For those who enquire to find our Life Purpose (which are mythical quests, not physical and tangible objects or targets, in physical, material and psychological terms), you will still feel that something missing amongst all good things in life even if you have it all. You will one day wonder (probably after years and years enjoying all that you have in life): So what are these good things all about? Is that my Life Purpose - to have all these things, and then eventually Die anyway? etc… as long as the calling of the Soul has not been replied.


We will reach to the point (in this lifetime or an other), realise that: in fact we are living our lives Not simply looking for the way to move up the scale of needs fulfilment, but more importantly we have been yearning to fulfil a mythical quest - a calling to embarking on a Heroes Journey from the deepest part of the Soul in which our inner Heroes must transcend into evolved (and  eventually enlightened) version of themselves - for one and for All


This is why understanding and getting in touch with the main Archetypes that most resonate in us (or in fact express through us); understanding the gifts, shadows, journey motifs, and especial the ideals (or mystical purpose) that each of those archetypes is yearning for, we will then be able to live our lives in true fulfilment and alignment at psycho-spiritual level.


There are so many categories of archetypes that can be listed, but I prefer to refer to the 12 archetypes that are based on the research by Carl Jung and later on Carol Pearson which are now widely used across the world of branding, movie makers or fiction writers, and also psycho-spiritual teachers/ healers.


These are the main 12 Archetypes with brief outlines about each own set of values, goals and personality traits:


1. The Innocent: naive dreamers, pure, loyal, romantic, simple and childlike, trust and see the good in the world and others, believe in goodness.

Goal: to be happy

Fear: being punished for doing something wrong

Talent: faith and open-mindedness


2. The Orphan (Regular Guy): want to belong, try to fit in and dependable on families/ groups/ communities, down to earth realists. Can be little negative at times, think of themselves as victims in unwanted situations.
Goal: belong or fit in

Fear: being left out or stand out from the crowd

Talent: down to earth, supportive, connect with others


3. The Warrior (Hero): confident, strong, decisive, have courages to stand up for themselves and others. They may feel they have a destiny that they must accomplish.

Goal: help improve the world and protect the weak

Fear: being perceived as weak or frightened

Talent: competence and courage


4. The Caregiver (Nurturer): full of empathy and compassion, generous, caring, helpful, often cannot say no to others

Goal: to help and care for others

Fear: being considered selfish

Talent: compassion and generosity


5. The Seeker (Explorer): independent, adventurous, yearn for experiencing new things and freedom without tie or commitment, eager to explore and learn about new ideas/ philosophies.

Goal: find fulfilment through experiencing and exploring

Fear: get trapped or have to fit in

Talent: pioneer, authentic, exciting


6. The Rebel (Outlaw): wild, pave the way for change, want to be different/ do things differently.

Goal: overturn what isn’t working

Fear: be powerless

Talent: bring forth new ideas, inspire others to join them


7. The Lover: passionate, romantic, warm, committed, connect and belong 

Goal: be in relationships with the people/ work/ environment they love

Fear: feel unwanted or unloved

Weakness: try to please others at risk of losing own identity

Talent: passion, appreciation, diplomacy


8. The Creator: creative, imaginative, artistic, inventive, entrepreneur, non-conformist, full of ideas

Goal: create meaningful things with enduring value

Fear: create something imperfect

Talent: creativity, visionary, imagination


9. The Ruler: Leader, responsible, organised, personal power, want to control and serve others

Goal: create a prosperous, abundant life for themselves, families, communities

Fear: chaos, being undermined or overthrown

Talent: responsibility, leadership


10. The Magician (Alchemist): Visionary, charismatic, imaginative, magical/ spiritual, bring transformative ideas and philosophies to the world

Goal: Make dreams come true, manifest and transform physical realities

Fear: create unintended negative consequences

Talent: transform people’s everyday experience, inspire changes and expansion of consciousness, offer new ways of looking at things


11. The Sage (Old Wise Man): Knowledgeable, thoughtful, analytical, good at teaching/ mentoring, objective and fair, good listener, always yearn for knowledge

Goal: use wisdom and intelligence to understand the world and teach others

Fear: being ignorant, being perceived as stupid

Talent: wisdom, intelligence, curiosity


12. The Jester: lighthearted, enjoy life, humorous, positive, spontaneous, well established in the present moment

Goal: bring joy to the world, enjoy this lifetime

Fear: being perceived as boring/disrespectful

Talent: see the fun side of everything, use humour/ lightheartedness for positive changes

The 12 main archetypes on the Heroes Journey are very well described in the book: Awaken the Heroes within (Carol S. Pearson) which is highly recommended. I am also hoping to be delivering some effective techniques to assist you in finding your main Archetypes, finding where you are on the evolution ladder and heroes journeys in very near future. 


At the moment, with the outlines above, do some more research and your own study on the Archetypes! Be most honest with yourself! Pay attention, willing, and hard work to firstly be able to recognise all the aspects of all the archetypes indeed exist in you! Be true and honest to yourself in judging which ones are more or less resonate within you!. Unless you do that, no one else really can tell you which archetypes you are or what your Life Purpose are. In fact, if someone did, you wouldn’t even believe in what you would be hearing, and wouldn’t find truths in others’ words anyway. You must find out and experience by yourselves!!


After working with archetypes you then will be clear about your Ultimate Life Purpose. But between knowing and really living in your Life Purpose might be still a big gap.


In order to live your lives truly fulfilling and aligned with your Life Purpose, you will eventually need to work on: Integrating your Shadows, De-conditioning and Healing the Inner Child, also Taming your Mind and Practice Mindfulness at every step,  eventually all hard work should lead you to overcome an Ego Death and  experience the Resurrection of True Self. (I shall be trying to make these topics become more comprehensible and familiar in the next articles!)


How long these journeys would be? depends on where you are on your personal evolution, your commitment, willingness and concentration on your personal and spiritual growth… But trust in the Universe! You are always supported! Because Your personal Journeys are the Journeys of Universal Evolution!

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