A Journey 

Finding your Life Purpose,

Living Fuller and Happier

Dear My Friends,

I am an ordinary human being, who wishes for happiness and fulfilment in life, just like you all. I was born and grew up in a mud hut in a little village in deep mountains in Vietnam where there was no modern toilet, no TV, no fridge or electric/gas cooker, no internet, no English, etc, everything was domestic and organic, also primitive... then moving up the steep scale of civilisations to big towns, cities, countries and end up living in England - one of the most developed civilisations on Earth at this moment in time.

I've been traveling the world and spending almost whole my time in the last 2 decades of my life asking questions and finding the answers for the meaning of Life.

My findings have emerged from absorbing and contemplating on the teachings of different spiritual leaders/ teachers /authors (in which many of them are Buddhists), from reading a few dozens mind-body-spirit books, and from the direct teachings or messages that I receive through meditation, daily contemplation, dreaming and hypnagogic state of consciousness, and some psychedelic experience few years back, these resources are not at all any kind of magic, extraordinary psychic abilities, mediumship or supernatural forces. I am just a person who has a bit more freedom from the clutches of bureaucratic societies and dedicates most of the time in life making effort to be in touch with what is original and genuine deep inside which is normally overshadowed by the Ego. I appreciate all that is in Life, especially the people I have the chance to be in contact with in this Lifetime. I look at all the events that happen in each moment as mirrors that reflect my inside and as the manifestation of feelings and thoughts that shape my realities.

Along the journey finding the answers for the meaning and purpo of Life, I have found and experienced the Unchanging Essence which is the Silent Witness of the Ever-changing outside world and events, I have found the Ultimate Pime that keeps calling me and guides me through to expand and grow, and realise my Life purpose.

I would love to make this website a free and accessible source for everyone whom I have this chance to share my humble findings and understanding with, which hopefully will be of some encouragement and support to you in finding your Life Purpose.

Unlike any other website, this is more like a personal blog, where I put the contemplations and findings flow in writing and share the state of being balance, happy and loving with you all. Nothing that I want to sell to you here or to get from you. Not at all. I run my own businesses which supports me to have the time and resources needed to really live with what my Soul calling. I am here just to share and help, completely free of economical intentions.

* What does The "Ultimate Pime" mean?!

I heard this phrase (or it was said to me) in a dream in early 2015. Please click on the word "Ultimate Pime" to read about its meaning.


On this page, you'd find my own stories in the Blog section. Also Please be at peace and open to share your stories, thoughts, questions, etc in the Place to Share section!. Your engagement would help my life and your lives fuller and expand...

Much appreciated!

​I wish you all happiness and fulfilment in Life! 


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